Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please find below a list of commonly asked questions about Genmed and our service offering. These FAQ's may be useful for those who are unfamiliar with vendor-neutral providers like Genmed. This page may be useful to Chief Executives, Clinical, Finance and Procurement individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Genmed is vendor-neutral and provides the customer full choice over modalities and models. This ensures that you will always have the equipment and services that are needed, rather than being restricted to one vendor and can implement a refresh programme at a pace that suits your needs without pressure from any given supplier.

A managed service contract focuses on the clinical output rather than around a piece of equipment, which in turns leads to more substantial benefits around savings, administration and linking services.

All Genmed managed service contracts are designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness within Trusts. Our contracts successfully improve operations across the Trust as a whole, not just a specific requirement, department or discipline, through transparent, scalable, tax-efficient contracts that transfer risk. 

Genmed managed service structures are designed to be highly flexible and open up a full range of suppliers to the Trust. Allowing Trusts to be in control of the configuration of their managed service provision, results in huge scope for process gains by securing the best in class, and therefore permitting Trusts to manage future demand uncertainty.

Structures from small to the extensive, permit Trusts to scale services from a small initial provision. In addition to this, through the choice that Genmed facilitates and the multi-vendor supply, Trusts can build up far larger, more flexible and more varied managed services than might be possible with a single source manufacturer led contract.

Our professionally qualified procurement team provides an extensive contracting activity that can cover the creation of your sourcing workplan, provide access to our contract portfolio and aggregate pricing across our customers. We would look to at least match current pricing but where possible improve on that.

We are vendor-neutral and only place equipment that the Trust approves. We have no interest in influencing the clinical choices other than to demonstrate the cost of the options that are being considered. Our clients enjoy choice - choice of suppliers; choice of equipment; and choice of service which enables them to find solutions to problems using best in class solutions.

Novation of existing contracts is a standard element of our service provision. Should the Trust wish, Genmed will acquire the Trusts legacy equipment at net book value for the remaining life of each asset. We will provide a capital receipt to the customer plus VAT, which will be reflected in a revenue cost within the managed service unitary charge.

VAT recovery is essentially a bonus and supplements the commercial and operational efficiencies that a Genmed managed service supplies. VAT should not be a driver in the decision process in our view.

No, we are flexible to work to your schedule, goals and timelines. We understand that each customer is different and has individual priorities. Genmed aims to be a long term strategic partner to all of our customers, and so unless you wish us to, we do not need to work in a big bang approach.

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