Vendor neutrality means a Trust can have best in class in technology and solutions, along with the benefit of multiple suppliers for back up and assurance of service. We take ownership of all current facilities at net book value and provide new and replacement equipment as required.

Genmed’s service offering includes all facets of contract management, including the management of third parties, managing the contracts for all suppliers and for all locations where renal services are provided, including ICU for specialist continuous renal replacement therapy.

In addition to this, we hold a WDA(H) license, therefore we can provide and manage the supply chain including the pharmacy products.

Genmed reporting provides quality data for operational management along with the peace of mind from risk transfer built into the contract.  

the benefits.
  • Genmed has a track record within the management of healthcare facilities in line with HMRC (Government departments and health authorities: Contracted Out Services (COS) Headings: COS Heading 45 - Operation of hospitals, health care establishments and health care facilities and the provision of related services)
  • Genmed can take ownership of all current facilities at net book value, providing immediate savings
  • We provide access to funding options for new equipment
  • Provision of on-site staff providing materials management – providing continuation and improvement of current stock management practices and minimising stock waste
  • On-going savings opportunities through our significant aggregate purchasing of consumables
  • Our vendor-neutrality allows a clinical choice of products across the whole scope of the facility
  • Facilitating easy integration with our clients’ IT systems
  • Access to detailed reports on usage, spend, machine uptime, performance statistics, training and much more
  • Facilitating the design and build services for new builds and refurbishment of existing renal facilities
  • Providing stock management solutions to support the service
  • Full Risk transfer
  • Reduction in administrative burden 
  • Turnkey capabilities and access to funding for buildings
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