Our Pathology Managed Services can encompass all laboratory equipment, consumables, maintenance and supporting services, providing a complete end-to-end solution to satisfy all customer requirements. This not only supports your clinical output, but also your current and future requirements. You will receive complete choice of equipment manufacturers, to ensure that you have the best possible solution. Our relationship with these manufacturers means that we are able to provide a broad scope of services, all under one contract, with the buying power to negotiate costs savings, whilst remaining completely flexible to add services and suppliers during the course of the contract.

the benefits.
  • Complete end to end solution, providing the broadest scope of services under one umbrella managed service contract 
  • Full supplier choice across hundreds of suppliers within the Pathology diagnostics market
  • Reduction in administrative burden 
  • Data management and analysis - understanding variation and better control of budgets 
  • Accommodating reconfiguration of services – working with customers as part of their reconfiguration plans and providing flexibility to meet the changing demands of pathology services
  • Equipment funding access - no requirement for a customer to use capital resources as we can provide access to third party funding, and this access to funding allows the ability to plan for ageing equipment 
  • Purchase of legacy on balance sheet equipment creating immediate costs savings 
  • Access to Genmed prices through the aggregation of demand and rationalisation - we negotiate with suppliers to get the most cost-effective prices and reduced costs through our “Mini-Competition” activity
  • Tax-efficiency – our contracts are designed to comply with COS Heading 31 – Laboratory Services 
  • Off-balance sheet and IFRS16/IFRICS4 friendly contracts
  • Full risk transfer
  • Incorporating whole facilities management into our solutions
  • Turnkey capabilities and access to funding for buildings
  • Easy engagement – Genmed is on several frameworks which facilitates procurement compliance and speed of contracting
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diagnostic and consumable supplier sub-contractors
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