IM&T (Information Management & Technology)

Internal operating systems within NHS trusts can often be hosted on a range of ageing IT infrastructure, that is, or has reached the end of its supportable life. Migrating your ageing estate to new and up to date operating systems is key for protection from cyber vulnerabilities and operational availability.

These goals can be achieved through a Genmed IT Managed Service.

Being vendor neutral, you have the choice of supplier and of products, whilst transferring all asset risk.

the benefits.
  • Revenue-based service – Genmed can provide a continual periodic device refresh cycle via managed services, which would replace digital devices at milestone points. This enables the use of devices without the burden and risks of ownership
  • Lower delays in accessing processing patient and other data – minimising the detrimental effect on performance caused by aging equipment
  • Increase security - Older technologies, whether hardware or software, are more prone to security issues and are an easier target for cyber-attacks
  • Systems are always up to date which mean software upgrades can always be implemented
  • Failed or failing assets can be replaced as part of the contract
  • Equipment can be upgraded to the latest versions to ensure systems that are up to date, and therefore compliant to best practice security standards
  • Improve overall operational performance - both clinical and corporate, across the entire site every single day
  • Genmed is certified to ISO27001
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