Genmed are on several frameworks for the public sector to access our services:

1. NHS SBS Framework for Lot 1 Clinical Managed Services

2. NHS SBS Framework for Lot 3 Provision of Consultancy Services related to Managed Service provision

3. NHS South of England Procurement Services (SoEPS) Back Office Support Functions & Systems

4. NHSSC (NOE CPC) The Provision of Point of Care Testing Managed Service

5. NHSSC (NOE CPC) Pathology Analytical Systems, Associated Sundries and Services Framework Agreement

6. NHSSC Pathology and Point of Care Testing, Associated Equipment, Instruments, Consumables and Accessories and Managed Services

7. The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust - Pathology Managed Services Framework Lot 2 Pathology Managed Services: Pathology Managed Service Agent

8. NHSSC Renal Replacement Therapies Services, Technologies and Consumables Framework

9. Crown Commercial Services: RM3781 Multifunction Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records (Lot 4)

For more information on how to access our services or these frameworks please contact us on

What we can do for you...

Here at Genmed we offer solutions to common problems found within healthcare settings, such as a lack of capital and the need to make cash savings. Our solutions to these problems include offering high quality managed services, access to capital, process improvements, enhanced data and procedure level costing, operational and purchasing savings.

We are continually evolving our services, offering new product lines and innovative solutions to support hospitals in the delivery of patient care.

Jonathan Wedgbury - Chief Executive Officer, Genmed 

Genmed offers us the flexibility of different purchase routes and funding options. They work at pace and their support helps us to deliver our unique service and maintain our position as a centre of excellence. This type of partnership is something which is rare in the NHS.

Mary Richardson - Director, SWLEOC
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