How we work with clients

In July 2020 we had more than 200 contracts in over 40 NHS Trusts and we have just commenced two new contracts with private sector hospitals.

Our staff have experience of working across many areas of healthcare. This knowledge and experience ensure that we understand our client’s issues and to work with them to implement the right solutions.   

Understanding your needs

Managed services are designed to achieve the results you want. So, the natural starting point in providing you with a service that delivers those results is to understand what they are. Whether the aim is to increase in the number of tests carried out in a laboratory or to provide an additional operating theatre, Genmed will engage with stakeholders from all areas of your business to ensure that all requirements are considered in the managed service design.

Gathering information

Once we understand your needs, we collect the relevant information to start to build a proposal for you. This may simply be data collection, such as: non-pay spend and workload data. However, it may be that we need to understand your current processes and workflows in order to establish how the managed service will work with these to deliver the desired results.

Establishing a Route

Armed with the information gathered, Genmed will prepare and present a proposal designed to deliver the required outputs. There may be several iterations of the proposal before a final version is agreed but our staff will work with you throughout the process until you are happy with the proposed route.

Developing a Business Case

Most managed service proposals developed for clients require business case approval internally. Sometimes even further approval is required from external bodies. Genmed can work with you to prepare a business case and may also be able to provide a template to assist you in certain circumstances.


Genmed has successfully implemented more than 250 managed services since it was founded in 2007. We have several members of staff who are Prince2 Practitioners and use a modified Prince2 approach to project manage the implementation of a contract. A designated project manager will agree on the implementation plan with you and keep you fully updated throughout the implementation process.


By delivering the agreed results on a continuous basis through our managed services, we aspire to be your trusted partner, to be consulted and to advise and to improve the service continually.

Integrated Care Systems

Everything we do is working towards supporting customers in the wider context of their environment. Genmed has invested significantly in innovation to provide continuing levels of improvement in the speed and granularity of data.

Genmed’s vendor neutrality, scale and scope of managed services, can-do attitude and customer-centric organisation, allows us to actively support integrated care system leaders to gain greater freedoms to manage the operational and financial performance of services in their area.

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