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Author | Peter Wozywoda

Access to procurement support for the NHS and the wider public sector can be a lengthy and complicated process. The range of options available can make it challenging to establish the route that best meets their needs in terms of compliance and speed of delivery. The availability of suitable frameworks can help to cut through any confusion and provides quick and easy access to services in a way that provides robust governance and limits potential risks.

In 2018, the NHS South of England Procurement Services let a framework contract for Back Office Services (the Framework) which includes a Lot for the provision of procurement services.

Th Framework can be accessed by any public sector organisation and provides a range of benefits including reduced timescales, ease of use, and aggregation of spend. It provides public sector organisations with a route that is compliant with OJEU rules and Standing Financial Instructions.

As one of the providers on the Framework, Genmed is well placed to help the NHS and the wider public sector meet its procurement challenges.  Genmed can be accessed via Lot 2 of the Framework which covers the provision of procurement services. The Framework allows Genmed to aggregate customers’ demand, undertake strategic sourcing exercises, develop sourcing work plans, and deliver a range of contracts and savings opportunities that feed into an organisation’s cost improvement programme. 

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Background information on the Framework:

National Framework for Back Office Functions

Contract Reference: F10749

Issued by: South of England Procurement Services

Two options are available for organisations interested in using the Framework:

  1. Direct Call-Off in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015
  2. Mini Competition where the requirements of the customer vary from the express requirements of the Framework

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