Case Study - South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre (SWLEOC)

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Genmed is responsible for ensuring the availability of equipment in all areas of the Centre including the five dedicated operating theatres and associated wards. It is responsible for equipment uptime managing the relationship with Epsom and St Helier Trust’s Electro Medical Engineering (EME) as well as third party maintenance providers. Genmed is contracted to bear the risk of equipment being available to carry out planned procedures and contracted KPI’s and penalties are in place. Genmed managed the project to relocate and reequip the Centre’s X Ray facility (including enabling works) and is currently working on a project to add a 6th operating theatre.

Genmed carries out all Purchase to Pay (P2P) activities for goods and services in the Centre. This reduces the administrative burden on Centre staff and, particularly, clinical staff. As in the case of equipment availability, Genmed takes the risk of ensuring that consumables, implants and instruments are available to carry out procedures. Genmed is also responsible for managing the third-party sterile services contract on behalf of the centre. 

As a part of the service, Genmed implemented an inventory control system incorporating product scanning at the point of use. The system has not only improved stock management but has also enabled Centre service and clinical leaders to be able to see and manage variations in procedure costs. 

The Centre has more than 40 orthopaedic consultants working within it. Producing data for and providing a partnership approach with the clinical team has been vital in the success of the contract. A Theatre Improvement Group (TIG) has been established and meetings are run by Genmed on a bi-weekly basis. TIG comprises surgeons, nurses, storekeepers, health care assistants, finance and Centre management to discuss cost improvements, efficiency gains and best practice with the wider team.  

Genmed has carried out numerous specific procurement exercises resulting in cost improvements of £641K and costs avoided of £629K. These savings are in addition to a tax saving (net of charges) in excess of £4M in the first four years of the contract.  

Genmed’s access to funding enables clients to enjoy new equipment and plan refresh programmes which might not otherwise be possible due to lack of capital resources.

The Centre in numbers 

Number of theatres – 5 

Number of beds – 72 

Number of surgeons - 43 

Number of suppliers 2019/20 – 86 

PO’s placed by Genmed 2019/20 – 6,043 

Invoices processed by Genmed 2019-20 – 7,344 


“Genmed has been our managed service partner since 2016. They provide on-site staff who help to ensure that the clinical team are able to devote their time to caring for patients and carrying out other clinical activities. Genmed provides us with one point of contact that supports us in delivering our service.

Genmed implemented an inventory control system in the centre. This system has allowed us to become Scan4Safety compliant but has also enabled us to better understand and manage the costs within the centre. Genmed have worked closely with our lead consultants and clinical staff to establish ways to drive down costs, improve access to stock and become more efficient as a centre.    

Genmed offers us the flexibility of different purchase routes and funding options. They work at pace and their support helps us to deliver our unique service and maintain our position as a centre of excellence. This type of partnership is something which is rare in the NHS” 

Mary Richardson - Director, SWLEOC

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