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Published: 2020-07-13

The Gastroenterology department at NNUH moved endoscopic screening services to the state-of-the-art Quadram Institute in 2018. The multi-million-pound facility on Norwich Research Park is home to a range of upper endoscopy and bowel cancer screening services.

Genmed also manages the running of the current service in the main hospital. Eight of the rooms went live in December 2018, with a ninth room added in 2019. A tenth room is proposed for 2020. Genmed also manages an additional four rooms within the main hospital. Furthermore, a seven-year maintenance agreement was agreed, and is fulfilled by the main suppliers (Olympus, ERBE, Cantel and their own EBME) which will ensure that the equipment will always be in peak condition and available for clinical use.

Genmed’s responsibilities also include the procurement of the consumables necessary to carry out procedures. Genmed carries the risk of ensuring that the clinicians have all the equipment and consumables they need to treat patients. Genmed also now employ a full-time member of staff to work with the endoscopy team, ensuring Genmed closely manage the contract.

"The Quadram Institute is a unique institution bringing together a busy NHS department with scientists and researchers in a ground-breaking collaboration. This puts our department at the forefront of endoscopy services and increase capacity. It will result in quicker access to endoscopic diagnostics for patients and rapid access for the diagnosis or exclusion of gastrointestinal cancer."

Dr Simon Rushbrook, hepatologist at NNUH

"The benefits we see from Genmed are not only in the stock management and ordering of consumables; Genmed also provide:

1. Management of the inventory including the maintenance. Genmed liaises with our main supplier Olympus, which includes a working knowledge of their endoscopes, allowing problems to be sorted quickly, and at times preventing endoscopes from having to be returned for repair

2. Support in working towards the JAG accreditation process

3. Arranging and hosting training meetings including the East Anglian Endoscopy Associates Group meeting hosted in 2019

4. Organisation of regular meetings to discuss any issues with running the department

5. In-depth knowledge of current consumables suppliers, which helps to drive down costs making savings for the Trust"

Tracy Mcdonnell, Lead Nurse for Endoscopy Services

The NNUH Gastroenterology department at Quadram Institute will be able to conduct at least 40,000 procedures a year, making the facility one of the largest endoscopy centres in Europe. The Quadram Institute’s mission is to develop solutions to worldwide challenges in human health, food and disease. It has been created by four founding partners – the NNUH, the University of East Anglia, Quadram Institute Bioscience and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) - to work across four research themes: the gut, healthy ageing, food innovation and food safety.

From the planning stage through to go live, Genmed have been very professional and knowledgeable, helping the process run smoothly. The Operations Manager was available at the start of the contract on a full-time basis, and since 2019, we have a full-time member of Genmed’s staff based in the Quadram Institute. Our experience with the implementation and management from Genmed has been excellent.
Tracy McDonnell - Lead Nurse for Endoscopy Services
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