Patient Data Worth 10 – 20X More Than Credit Card Data

Following recent cyber attacks, the NHS “must learn” from the cyber-attacks (Friday 12th May 2017) and upgrade its IT systems, the home secretary has said.

Amber Rudd told the BBC the services of 45 NHS organisations in England and Scotland had been disrupted amid a global attack that affected organisations across the world. She stressed there was no evidence patient data had been compromised.

Patient data is now worth 10 -20 times more on the ‘dark web’ than credit card data so it is vital that everything is done to prevent these cyber attacks.

Recently, Sky News claimed that NHS Trusts are ‘putting patients at risk’ by not protecting their data online. Examining the cyber security in the NHS, security experts found misconfigured email servers, outdated software and security certificates.

Operating in a digitally driven society, industries have to adapt their approach to meet changing environments and technologies.


Digitalisation in the NHS

In light of this, NHS Trusts and Health Boards are forced to turn to digitalisation to meet government set deadlines to become paperless by 2023. This provides many key benefits including increasing efficiency and transforming care for patients, whilst also presenting some risks – if left unaddressed. Something that has been highlighted in the recent cyber attacks.

As a result of allowing their contract with Microsoft to lapse in May 2015 NHS Trusts have been running thousands of outdated and unsupported Windows XP machines therefore infrastructure and data was left vulnerable to hackers.

Cyber attacks within the NHS are not a new thing. According to NHS Digital, NHS hospital trusts in England reported 16 cyber attacks in 2015 and an increase to 55 cyber attacks in 2016. This problem, as highlighted by Oliver Farnan from the Oxford Cyber Security Centre is that “money is only really spent on security once everything else is up and running and in place... it always comes second”.


“The NHS is experiencing a capital famine at present. The huge upfront capital costs of software systems and back scanning make it difficult for Trusts and health boards to introduce the new services they have been instructed to by the Department of Health. Our managed service model provides a practical, straightforward revenue based way to solve the paper problem as it spreads the costs out and means it’s treated as an operational not a capital expenditure”.

-       Robin Modak CEO, GENMED


Cost Effective & Secure Managed Services with Genmed

GENMED provide cost effective managed services for a number of Trusts working with an extended network of 2500+ experts in all areas of supply and delivery.

In 2016 Genmed were the first NHS managed service provider to provide a contract structure to flatten costs for electronic document management, storage and medical records scanning costs to release cashable savings.

In light of the new digitalisation deadlines, Genmed has launched a new managed service model with CCube Solutions and partners offering Trusts and Health Boards a cost effective managed service transition from paper to digital medical records.

Genmed Managed Services reduces fix cost in high spend and high value areas such as medical records scanning and electronic document management systems, while continuing to address Trusts challenges through managed services.

The model offers fast access to medical records, instead of lengthy sorting through paper records, is user friendly and for all relevant Trust staff. It also provides a secure, cost effective and tested process where the movement of records is controlled and co-ordinated, ensuring Trusts continuity through a cost efficient solution to new digitalisation deadlines.


How GENMED Help:
  •       Establish suitable clinical facilities or technologies
  •       Analyse and identify workload issues
  •       Find and select suppliers
  •       Reduce product costs
  •       Reduce and manage financial costs
  •       Manage the contracts
  •       Manage orders and supplier invoices
  •       Take upfront risk
  •       Avoid time & cost consuming OJEU tender processes 


Cost Effective Managed Services with Genmed