Looking for a Managed Service Contract with Real Choice?

GENMED Managed Services Contracts offer unparalleled capabilities to you, your procurement, finance and administration teams. 

GENMED MSC’s give you total transparency in your managed service:

  • Full choice of suppliers, throughout the contract and at refresh stage
  • Full retention of pricing control
  • Flexibility throughout the contract

We can propose an effective solution using inventory management, financial and data management systems, with the option of order processing and are confident we can give you back control of your Managed Service Contracts.


Looking for a Managed Service Contract with Real Choice?


We are an experienced NHS managed service provider, not a manufacturer or equipment distributor, so we can offer our customers complete supplier choice within an HMRC compliant MSC. We also have access to the LPP Framework for Vendor-Neutral Managed Service Contract providers, NHS Shared Business Services Framework and the North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative. All three frameworks can reduce the time it takes to complete the OJEU Tender process (some frameworks eliminate the need to complete a tender) and are available for all our customers.

GENMED managed service contracts facilitate the linking and delivery of value in healthcare provision transcending pathology, surgery, endoscopy, radiology, IM&T, all associated consumables, capital equipment and maintenance contracts. 


These disciplines are classified below in more detail;

  • Pathology - single vendor, pan-pathology, department scale and regional
  • Point of Care testing - including connectivity, telehealth and primary care
  • Endoscopy -  flexible, rigid, single & multi-vendor
  • Surgery - single & multi-vendor including ‘Full Surgical Directorate’
  • Renal - single & multi-vendor including building and facilities management
  • IM&T - single & multi-vendor IT Systems including Data Management on multifunction devices, Electric Document Management records, digitisation and storage 

GENMED provide Managed Service Contracts (MSC) not Managed Equipment Services (MES) - the MSC can deliver savings over the entire clinical service, not just the part of the clinical service that the equipment provides.